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This site is no longer updated, from now on, another site, with the same headings, is accessible at the address : collectionolympique.org. Still in development, it is updated as and when.



AFCOS (French Association of Olympic and Sport Collectors)

The "French Association of Olympic and Sport Collectors" was created in 1994. The most of collectors are philatelist, some collect memorabilia. Debate or inform you on AFCOS forum
Adress: AFCOS
Maison du Sport Français
1 avenue Pierre de Coubertin
75013 PARIS
Visit the website of AFCOS.


Olympin Collector's Club (USA)

This Club was created in 1982 by a group of olympic pins collectors after the winter games of Lake Placid in 1980. Members are olympic, sport or non-sport pins collectors but also olympic memorabilia collectors from all around the world.
Due for one year is 20 $.
Olympin Collector's Club
P.O. box 777
Website: www.olympinclub.com
Email: Olympin Club

International Association of Olympic Collectors (IAOC)

This association, created in 2014, recognized by the IOC, brings together the associations of collectors for the Olympic collection in the world. To be a part of it, individual membership is not possible, it must belong to one of the affiliated clubs, you will find the list which may change, on the official site IAOC, launched in September 2015, on the occasion of the International Olympic Collectors Fair in Lake Placid (USA). The two associations mentioned above are affiliated to it.