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BEIJING 2008, 3rd PART

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From day 11 to Closing Ceremony (august 19 to august 24)
Day 11, august 19, 2008
I go to the Club France to contact some friends by phone with a wi-fi connection. In the afternoon, I go to Chaoyang Park for trade pins. I join my friends and i eat with them before to comeback to the appartment.
Day 12, August 20, 2008
I must leave my appartment in 2 days. I go with Claude to the MPC for trade media pins. We meet Toni and Irina. I am interviewed by a belgium radio. We stay here and we leave with fallen the night. We go to Tian'anmen place and to Mc Do of Wangfujing for our meal.
Day 13, August 21, 2008
It is a quiet day, just a short display to Club France where I can see Bernard Laporte, Stéphane Diagana and more people.
Day 14, August 23, 2008
Today, I leave the appartment to join Claude and other friends in an other appartment in the North of Beijing. After my installation, we go to Chaoyang park for trade pins. With closing, we go to Club France where I can enter with the help of Claude. I visit the media center with radios and TV. We stay a moment at the bar before comeback to the appartment.

Club France


Gwladys Etangue
bronze medal

Day 15, August 23, 2008
With Claude, I go to Chaoyang Park, we remain until closing and after we go to Club France. I can enter inside with a daily pass. I meet Marc, the bar is closed early. We leave the Club France to join pascal and alain at the Mc Do near the appartment.
Day 16, August 24, 2008
The handball french team is qualified for the final, but unfortunately, we cannot get tickets to see them. I go to the Club France to see the closing ceremony at the TV. Later I join Regine to the bar, Claude come with us a little bit later with 2 students. The handball french team is here to celebrate his gold medal. A great moment! It is the end of these games, see you in London 2012!

Daouda Sow
silver medal


french handball
gold medal

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