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This site is no longer updated, from now on, another site, with the same headings, is accessible at the address : collectionolympique.org. Still in development, it is updated as and when.

LONDON 2012 TO RIO 2016

PLEASE NOTE: All the mascots shown on this page are from my personal collection and are neither available for sale nor available for exchange/trade.

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WENLOCK: LONDON 2012 (Great-Britain)
Made from one of the last two drops of steel used for the Olympic Stadium (the second was used for the paralympic mascot). Its name comes from the town of Much Wenlock, where the 'Olympian Games' that inspired Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the modern Olympic Games, still take place. The mascot has one eye (as a camera lens) and a yellow light on the head inspired by the London Taxis.

Plush (Wenlock) height 32 cm

VINICIUS: RIO 2016 (Brazil)
This mascot represents a mixt of different animals in the Brazilian fauna, the diversity of culture and the Brazilian people and its lush nature. Its design was entrusted to Brazilian professionals, from illustration and animation after a tender, but the name was chosen by public vote.

plush (Vinicius) height 35 cm

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