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From day 5 to day 10 (February 17 to 22)
Day 5, February 17 - 2010
A small passage at the village of the sponsors with Claude to get some pins , then I take him to Granville Island which he does not know. We eat something before to cross over with a small boat. We go to the media center for some trades of pins, we meet Jean-Paul and Lucille before to go to Coca-Cola trading center at the superstore. I leave Pascal and Claude to join the Club France. No the medal today.

Day 6, February 18 - 2010
I have a little time before my bus and I go to visit Deep Cove, the village is 5 mn by walking. Small village near the water with its sheltered harbour . Appointment is taken with Irina and Claude at the media center. We go with Irina to the Edgewater casino where is organized a pins trading fair. Then, with Claude, we return to the superstore for our period of pins trading. I join the Club France a little later, nothing particular today. I comeback to Deep Cove around 11pm.

Day 7, February 19 - 2010
Today, we have a city's visit in minibus and with my Russian friend Irina. We see the downtown, Chinatown, waterfront, Stanley Park and Granville Island. The evening, good news, we have 3 tickets for the super giant ladies of the following day, in Whistler. We organize ourselves our trip.

Day 8, February 20 - 2010
On the way for Whistler! We attend the super giant ladies by a splendid sun. We lunch at the Club France of Whistler, before visiting the village and comeback to Vancouver at the end of the afternoon.

Day 9, February 21 - 2010
Today, in our program, a match of hockey, Czechoslovakia-Russia. An exciting match where Russia beats Czechoslovakia 4-2. The following match is hot! Canada - USA. I look it in the Club France. All the stadium is red and white! But the Canada loose over USA 3-5.

Day 10, February 22 - 2010
Passage by the post office to make some shippings. Meet with Bob Farley, an English collector. Some trade to Coca-Cola then direction Club France. This evening Roch Voisine came to visit us. The skaters, Isabelle Delodel/Olivier Schoenfelder and Nathalie Pechalat/Fabian Bourzat, are there also after the end of their competition.

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