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SOCHI 2014 1st PART

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D -1, from Opening Ceremony to Day 4 (February 6 to 11)
Day -1, February 6 - 2014

Arrived yesterday at St Petersburg, we got the shuttle to airport. Later, we arrive in Sochi with a beautiful sun. We go to the boat by taxi. One pass is necessary to enter in the port and one second to enter in the boat. After our installation, we go out, the railway station, by walking is not so far, 25 mn, and is situed near MPC and IBC. After security, we go to Sochi at the Sochi Media Center. We got our package and credential. We come back at the boat later.

Sochi 2014

Day 0, Opening Ceremony, February 7 - 2014

We go to media center, 2 collectors are here to get pins from medias. We stay 1h, and we go to Olympic Park by train. All people come for the opening Ceremony, as we don't have ticket, we comeback to the boat to see the ceremony on the big screen.

Sochi 2014

Day 1, February 8 - 2014

Today, it's biathlon for us. We go to Krasnaya Polyana, in the mountain cluster. Before biathlon, we visit Club France, near medias center and the village. It is always in works, maybe at the end of the games, all will be finished! It's time to go to biathlon. Many people on the way, not a good organisation, when we arrive, the race is already started. Unfortunately, Martin Fourcade, our french champion, finish at the 6th place. Before the end of the race, we go out, but we are not alone and it's a long way to comeback to Club France. We take the train for Adler and Olympic village.

Sochi 2014

Day 2, February 9 - 2014

Today, we go to Olympic Park for the 1st time, before we stay at Medias Center. When we arrive at the Olympic Park, sponsors are on the left, the pavilions of the russian regions are on the right. On the way, we met Igor, one collector friend. We follow him to the Russian Fans House where is the Pin Trading Coca-Cola. We stay to make changes. Later, we comeback home.

Sochi 2014

Day 3, February 10 - 2014

Today, we have Short Track, but before, we go to Media Center, we make a stop at the bank to try to get olympic commemorative banknotes, but it's not possible. Then we go to Olympic Park and to Iceberg skating palace. The competition is very interesting and spectacular. Great time with canadian supporters. After, we go to PTC. At 10 pm, it's time to comeback.

Sochi 2014

Day 4, February 11 - 2014

We go to the Medias Center. We meet french journalists from BFMTV, they ask us if it's possible to make an interview, no problem! After, we go to Olympic Park. I visit it, I saw differents houses, Switzerland, Canada, USA... The medal place is near the olympic flame. After, I go to PTC, and I comeback to medal place to see the gold medal of Martin Fourcade and the bronze medal of Jean-Guillaume Beatrix. We comeback home later.

Sochi 2014

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