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TORINO 2006 1st PART

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Day -7 and Day -6, from Opening Ceremony to Day 4 (February 3/4/10 to 14)
Day -7 and Day -6 (February 3/4 - 2006)
Small weekend before the Games February 3 and 4, just to test the atmosphere. Works everywhere in the city, the workmen try to finish in time. The subway will be open as from February 5, the part which interests us especially is located between the stations of Porta Susa and of Porta Nuova. Torino Piemonte Media Center from where I will be able to bring up to update my site is opened. My pass is ready.

2006 Torino 3-4 february

Opening Ceremony, February 10 - 2006
A hard starting for these Olympic Games, the first day I was made steal my identity papers, money and bank card. Fortunately Franco-Italian solidarity was present and I could find a financial independence quickly. However, if you come to Italy for the Games, take your precautions. If you have a back bag, carry it on the belly, do not leave any bag visible, distribute your money in various pockets, circulate with photocopies of your identity papers.
Let us pass to the principal object, the Olympic Games and my impressions. It appears that the day of the opening ceremony the drivers of bus were put in strike. Torino receives the whole world, but a little forgot to be put at its range.
In the buses, no chart of way and stops or with rare exceptions, for the foreigners difficult to find itself there, especially that the names of the stops are written very small and it's not easy to see from bus.
The organization always did not think of certain details of importance and forgot that while making pass the flame in certain districts it could block the passage of the bus afor the opening ceremony to 2 hours of its beginning. Let us not speak about the circulation which is infernal, we are well far from the effectiveness of that of Athens what however was not easy thing in this city!
Italian spectacle for the opening ceremony with a passage on the Italian Renaissance.
Since the beginning of the Games, Stampa gradually publishes the official posters per series of 2 or 3.

2006 Torino 10 february

Day 1, February 11 - 2006
I go to downtown, meets with my Canadian friend Lucile, we chatter a great moment, but we should be separated because another go awaits me Lingotto with Gemma, an Italian friend. Some collectors of pins in front of Lingotto, I waits a little before seeing Gemma in volunteer. After to given me some documents, I go with her to home where we await Claude, her voluntary husband during the Games after having taken part in the opening ceremony in costume of "spadassin" of the Italian Renaissance. I set out again a little later, for a stop prolonged in the center of Media in order to make my updates.
To note: the humour of Switzerland which in spite of their failure with the organization of these 2006 Games, decided to make their"Sion 2006" nevertheless.

2006 Torino 11 february

Day 2, February 12 - 2006
I wait Maurizio, a Milanese friend come waits to visit me during the Games and a collector of items Coke. We go to center town, first to Olympic Superstore to find there miniatures car which interests, after we go to Piazza Solferino where Coke is. Known collectors are there. The entry at the village sponsor is a little long, it is Sunday and much from Italian came to walk. Friends come to find us there. The trading center is hardly animated, certain faces are familiar for me. Italian is not very familiarized with the trading pins. Various animations are proposed on the Coca stand: pictures in bobsleigh, with the torch, bottles plastic directly labelled, sale of pins (their catalogue is very reduced). We set out again the streets are full with many people, it is difficult to circulate easily, the buses are blocked, we return by walking . I go to media center a little bit later.

2006 Torino 12 february

Day 3, February 13 - 2006
Day sport today! departure for women biathlon. We go to the Porta Nuova station to get the train for Oulx (the trains leave all the 30 mn), it's about 1 hour of travel. At our arrival to Oulx, the buses are waiting and we go to Cesana San Sicario for biathlon. In Nagano with low cost tickets it was possible to have an access to the tribune, but not here and we must go along the way of race to see the athletes. Fortunately Philippe, my friend, know already the course, and can direct us on the interesting places. We ask for a start list, but the TOROC is not able to give it because data processing have capitulated. I try to obtain a with difficulties a new Coke goblet. We go to see the start of the race. 4 Frenchwomen are starting: dossart n°8 Sylvie BECAERT, dossart n°36 Florence BAVEREL-ROBERT, dossart n°38 Sandrine BAILLY and dossart n°69 Delphyne PERETTO.
The race is started, not near from large screen, we do not have any idea of the placement of the Frenchwomen during the race, but we encourage them at each passage. Unfortunately, it was not a good day and the performances are not the best.
The best Frenchwoman, Sandrine BAILLY is classified 7th, then Sylvie BECAERT at the 25th place, Florence BAVEREL-ROBERT at the 27th and Delphyne PERETTO with the 41th place. 2 Russian are the winner (Svetlana ISHMOURATOVA and Olga PYLEVA downgraded since for doping) and Martina GLAGOW, german, is the third. We have the possibility to go on the steps to make pictures of the flowers ceremony.
We go to Sestrière by taking the bus. Still 30 mn to arrive at Sestrière. We are face to face with the skiing tracks, it is splendid. We join the Club France where we are awaited to lunch in spite of the late hour (3.30pm). This time, thanks to L we do not stay outside! it is exceptional (see Athens 2004 chronicle!). It is one calm moment, we missed a meeting with Antoine DENERIAZ recent gold medalist in alpine skiing.
L nicely offers to us 2 places for curling for tomorrow.
Henri Serandour, CNOSF president, is eating at table behind us and come to greet us. The Club France is magnificiently installed face to face with the mountain and the view is superb on the skiing tracks.
We come back charmed by our visit and with a permanent pass authorizing us to go to the Club France of Torino. A small stop at the house of Valais (Swiss) where we drink a hot drink and recover some memories. Switzerland clearly posts its intentions while indicating on its door "everyone is welcome". Return in Turin, tired but happy of our day.

2006 Torino 13 february, women biathlon

Day 4, February 14 - 2006
Philippe, my joint tenant, awakes with a pain with the foot which prevents it from moving. We are anxious. He decides to cancel his day at Sestrière where he was to go to see Alpine skiing. I go to Pinerolo to see the curling, sport which I don't know. It is necessary to join the station of Torino Lingotto, the bus passes in front of the buildings coloured of the Olympic village of Turin before leaving me to the station. I have just missed a train, it will be necessary to have patience 30 mn more to take the following. 45 mn of way. The site is very close, 5 mn with foot to join it. The tests did not start yet. Presentation of the teams: Switzerland / Norway, Sweden / Canada, Italia / Germany and USA / New-Zealand. It is a game of address. Nevertheless and with my direction, definitely more interesting to practise than to look at. After the part I join the center of the town, with the research of the Post office, for some additional cancellations. No specific for Pinerolo was made. I get the train to comeback.
I find my joint tenant with a bad figure because he was keep inside all the day, and I decide to take it along by car to the Club France to avoid to him walking. A smile returns. Arrived at the Club France, we have a small stress, because the gatekeeper does not identify our pass of Sestrière as being able to open to us the door of the Club of Turin. After information, we can enter, taken charges some by the person of the reception. We can have access to the bar and the restaurant. After a small aperitif, we again cross Henri Serandour who greets us again then we move towards the room of restaurant where a dresser with Italian specialities is presented. Excellent diner, we will return!

2006 Torino 14 february, curling

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