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D -1, from Opening Ceremony to Day 4 (February 12 to 16)
Day -1, February 11 - 2010
Arrived well at Vancouver where the rain appears. The temperature is soft. I visit the city and location. The Olympic village is close to the center town.

Day 0, Opening Ceremony, February 12 - 2010
I leave Deep Cove where I reside to attend the opening ceremony which begins at 6pm. I travel by bus to BC place where the ceremony is held. I follow the crowd guided by the volunteers. I come in the stadium and I go to my place. I am with other French people. The sight is perfect. On each one of our places is deposited a program and a box with various instruments to use throughout the spectacle. The ceremony starts, it is dedicated to a young 21 years Georgian athlet, Nodar Kumaritashvili, unfortunately died during a training session.
It is the reception of the first 4 nations hosts, followed by the aboriginal people of Canada. The parade of the athletes begins, like always, by Greece and ends with the country host, Canada. After is the beginning of the spectacle, "landscape of a dream". Then they are the official speeches and the opening of the Games, follow-up by the song of peace, the Olympic flag with the Olympic anthem, the oaths of the athletes and the judges. The ceremony is completed with the arrival of the flame and the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron!

Day 1, February 13 - 2010
I go with my friend Claude to the Club France where we get our accreditations. On the way, we stop in the sponsor's village located at Yaletown where we get some pins. After, we join the Coca-Cola trade center in the superstore "The Bay" where is already Pascal. We make some trading. I leave in the evening.

Day 2, February 14 - 2010
The day starts well, the sun is there for the 1st time since my arrival! I join my friends Claude and Pascal at the Club France, then we go to the center town, Claude and Pascal have reserved a table to trade pins in Coca-Cola center. I continue towards Waterfront where the center of the media is. Near is the external cauldron. After a small visit of the corner, I comeback to the Coca-Cola trading center at the superstore. I find Claude and Pascal, I leave them a little later to comeback home.

Day 3, February 15 - 2010
Meeting at Yaletown, the village of the sponsors, with Claude and Pascal to get some pins. We leave to go to the media center where I find with joy my Canadian friends Jean-Paul and Lucille. We eat before to trade some pins. Claude leaves us, with Pascal, we go in the Coca-Cola trading center installed in the building of CTV, the Canadian television. We make a stop at Robson square where are some animations. Then Pascal join Claude in the Coca-Cola trading center, I go to the Club France. We celebrate the bronze medal of Tony Ramoin, a young snowboarder resident of Cannes. I comeback a little later, it is 11pm.

Day 4, February 16 - 2010
I go to Granville Island, the city's Francophone neighbourhood. The Swiss house is there. They organize a tasting raclette today. Giant chocolate Inukshuk is installed at the entrance of restaurant. We are very close to water, small boats are crossing from shore to shore of the city. A large covered market of food and of craft industry is installed. I go to the Nova Scotia, I receive some pins, and I taste local oysters. I walk, then I leave to go to Club France. 2 medals are celebrated this evening, that in gold of Jason Lamy-Chappuis, for Nordic combined, and that of Deborah Anthonioz, in silver, obtained today in snowboard.

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