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SOCHI 2014 2nd PART

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From day 5 to day 10 (February 12 to 17)
Day 5, February 12 - 2014

I go to Media Center, in Sochi. Later, I comeback to olympic park. We visit Canada house.

Sochi 2014

Day 6, February 13 - 2014

Today, we have hockey. A short stop at the Media center, then we go to PTC for 3 hours. At the end we go to Bolshoy, arena hockey. We see Russia against Slovenia. Russia dominate Slovenia and win 5 to 2.

Sochi 2014

Day 7, February 14 - 2014

Stop at the Media center to make some changes, after we go to Olympic Park. Claude stay at pin trading and I go to Olympic Store. A big moment! many people and a poor organization! After, I go to the Post office, just near the russian fan house. Bad administration! We stay at the pin trading till the end.

Sochi 2014

Day 8, February 15 - 2014

We go to mountain cluster, we have skeleton today. Before, we stay at Club France. Luc Alphand is here. Later, we start to go to skeleton. We meet Jeff who sold us the tickets. We comeback to the boat.

Sochi 2014

Day 9, February 16 - 2014

Men's Super giant is to our program today, we must start early. When we arrive, the race is already started, it was advanced of 1 hour. We meet the parents of a french athlet, Thomas Mermillod-Blondin.

Sochi 2014

Day 10, February 17 - 2014

We go to the Media Center. Doug Todd is here, it's his last day. I see Karen Rosen, an US journalist from « Around The Rings », internet media. I know her from several years. She ask me if I accept an interview, of course, yes! After we go to the train together, but I go to Sochi and Claude to Olympic Park. I stay to Media Cener and at the end of the afternoon, I comeback to Olympic Park, in late. Irina and Claude are here. We leave the PTC, in the train we meet french canadians, parents of a short track skater!

Sochi 2014

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