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From day 11 to Closing Ceremony (February 23 to 28)
Day 11, February 23 - 2010
Very quiet day, a small round at the superstore to trade pins, then direction the Club France where I meet Patrice Martin, water skiing champion.
Day 12, February 24 - 2010
Passage at the post office to purchase stamps. Trade of pins at CTV, then Club France where I meet Marcel Fourcade, father of Simon and Martin (recently silvered medalist).

Day 13, February 25 - 2010
Passage at the Post office for Olympic obliterations, visit of the aboriginal house, Quebec house and the Sochi house for next winter Olympic Games. Spectacle of folk dances, demonstration of balalaika, and end of the day at the Club France with Jean-Pierre.

Day 14, February 26 - 2010
I go to Whistler to the Club France, to find all the Fourcade family before his departure for France tomorrow morning. It rains, but there is many people in the streets.

Day 15, February 27 - 2010
Passage to waterfront for trade pins accompanied by Irina, then direction the casino before joining the Club France to celebrate the bronze medal of Mathieu Bozzetto. Rama Yade is present.

Day 16 Closing Ceremony, February 28 - 2010
I find my Canadian friends Jean-Paul and Lucille accompanied by Claude at waterfront. After I join the stadium for the closing ceremony, a beautiful spectacle which finishes in beauty the Games. Jean-Pierre accompanies me at the Club France for a last nice evening. Perhaps we will find ourselves in London!

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