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FROM 2005 TO 2007

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2005 13/05 - 14/05 - Lausanne (Switzerland)
11th Olympic World Fair (Olympic Museum)
Again, meeting with our collector friends from all the world. Even the Australia have a representative. Our museum friends arrange for us a tasting in a wine-cellar.
2005 6/07 - Paris (France)
117th IOC Session (Singapore)
Double or nothing! On occasion of the election of the organizing city for 2012 Olympic Games, I decide to go to Paris in order to attend the result of the votes on line on the square of the Town Hall.
Arrived at 11am, the place is encircled by trucks of television from all countries. Spectators are already installed in front of the 2 giant screens located on both sides entry of the Town Hall and which broadcoast on line the special emission of France 2 television on the 117th IOC session. 3 athletic tracks into synthetic separated by 2 bands of grass (also synthetic!) decorate the ground on which the spectators are sit down. A group of children makes the spectacle during few minutes.
At the first run, Moscow is eliminated, at the second it's New York and at the third, it's Madrid. Paris and London are always in the run.
I join some friends, we have an english woman with us. And then suddenly silence or almost, some drops of rain starts to fall, then president ROGGE opens the envelope which contains the result of the final vote. Catastrophe! With our great consternation and after 3 candidatures, it is not the name of Paris which annouced, but that of LONDON. It's a great sadness among the crowd. Once more we were beaten, would the world of the Olympic ideal have forgotten what it owed with its renovating, the baron Pierre de Coubertin, by disavowing Paris?
Let us be nevertheless fair-play towards our English friends, and congratulate them for their performance. BRAVO and make us beautiful Games, because I will be in London for 2012 Olympic Games!

town hall


during the vote


before the result


It's the end


The cleaners

2005 18/09 - Torino (Italia)
Olympic pins event
Morning departure for Torino. Arrived without problems at 9.30am under the rain. We go to the Atrium where the pins fair must take place, but no organizer is yet there. While waiting, breakfast at the bar of the corner. At 10.30am, we join the Atrium where effervescence is a little more important. Andrea, marketing manager of Trofè, welcome us.
We divide a table with Switzerland Italian from Lugano. We are at the entry of the Atrium, and very well located. Other collectors are present, as an American (Bob) and Italian as Marco, webmaster of Pins Europe or Domenico. Some Italian collectors or curious visitors come to visit us. A sponsor distributes pins to help Italian to start in the adventure of the trade.
After an appetizer offered by Trofè, in the afternoon we have the visit of Alberto TOMBA (gold medal in Calgary and Albertville and silver medal in Lillehammer) and of Piero GROS gold medal at Innsbruck 1976, accompanied by the Torino mascots, Neve, Gliz and Aster, the paralympic mascot. Trofè distributes us some pins. I obtain an autograph from Alberto and Piero makes a trade with me. The afternoon finishes quietly, and after having declined an invitation from Trofè for a diner, we take again the road of the return.

Atrium, Neve
and Gliz


the torch


Atrium my table


Atrium, Aster
the paralympic


Atrium, Neve
and Gliz
the mascots


Atrium, Neve
and Gliz
with Alberto Tomba
and Piero Gros

2006 02/06 - 04/06 - Lausanne (Switzerland)
12th Olympic World Fair (Olympic Museum)
This time, I don't stay all 3 days and I don't have table. The participants are fewer than last years. The museum offer us a dinner at their restaurant. Thank you!

The olympic Flame
in the garden
of the museum


Entry of
the museum


of the museum


of the museum

2007 23/06 - 28/06 - Beijing (China)
13th Olympic World Fair (Desheng International Culture Exchange Center)
Co-sponsored by the IOC, the Beijing Organising Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad (BOCOG), the Chinese Olympic Committee, the State Post Bureau, and Desheng Ltd., the 13th Olympic World fair is hosted by Beijing, in China.
With some of my french friends collectors, we made the trip. Arrived at the airport of Beijing, we are accomodated by the volunteers of the fair and pass the passport control by an access VIP easily.
Unfortunately, my luggage did not follow and I would recover them only 3 days after. We place in a very pleasant hotel 5 *. We leave in excursion in Beijing as of the afternoon our arrival and come to see the famous Olympic stadium "bird's nest" still in construction.
The following day, June 23, we go to the fair located in a large building to install us. The fair is opened, the visitors start to arrive. Few businesses to be made with the visitors who discover the world of the collection and have a restricted material, but we meet them with pleasure.
June 24 takes place the inauguration of the fair, the Chinese are many at the entry of the fair prohibited to the visitors during the presence of honorary president J.A. Samaranch which carries out the inauguration. The evening, we are invited to the official reception for the handing-over of the diplomas to the participants. This evening takes place in one of the largest restaurants of Peijing, whose speciality is the Peking duck. The site is imposing, our table is on the floor with that of the celebrities. The press is present, many flashes to photograph president Samaranch and the guests of the top table. The distribution of the diplomas starts, I am called like representing France to receive the diploma of the hand of president Samaranch and the president of Bocog. The dinner can start.
June 25, after the day spent to the fair where I was interviewed by French branch Internet of CCTV (Chinese TV), we then leave to make shopping.
June 26, we leave the fair before the end to visit the town of Beijing where we discover the temple of the Sky, old temple of the Ming dynasty, then the garden of the black bamboos where we do a walk in the boat on invaded water of flowers of lotus.
June 27, forwarding of group organized for the visit of the wall of China in Badaling, about 70 kms from Beijing then to the tombs of Ming and return at the end of the afternoon on Beijing with a passage of the buses to the accesses of the Olympic sites: the village, the "cube" and the Olympic stadium.
June 28, another forwarding with the visit of the Forbidden City and the summer palace.
On June 29 is the day of the departure and the return to France. We set out again with full with beautiful pictures in the head, happy to have made our pre-Olympic visit, see you in Beijing next year!

Olympic stadium
bird's nest


In front of the entry
of the fair


Olympic rings
in the plate


of the diplomas


Temple of
the Sky


Black bamboos


the wall


Ming's tombs


Tian Nan Men Place


Forbidden city


Forbidden city


Forbidden city


Summer Palace


Summer Palace
marble boat


Summer Palace
painted gallery


Summer Palace
lotus and water lilies




Olympic tri-car

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